One Million Dead

Most of us don't perceive numbers well. The higher the number, the less likely we are to imagine what the number represents in real life. This project's goal is to visualize the current numbers of people who died from COVID-19 around the world using the latest data.

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I created this project because it seems to me that a lot of people don't pay much attention to covid statistics. And I get it. Numbers are easily dismissable because they are an abstract representation. But what if you could see what those numbers really looked like in real life? Because none of us will probably ever be able to see what thousands of coffins look like in one place, I created this virtual cemetery that shows the up-to-date number of people who have died of COVID-19. Look upon this field of the dead and think of the real life impact of bad decisions, populism, recklessness, and stupidity and share it with those who dismiss the consequences of this pandemic.

This project is dedicated to all the people who have died because of the recklessness or incompetence of others.

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About the author

I'm a freelance digital artist from Prague. I design, illustrate & code and I like to work on projects with a good cause.
Twitter: @FancyBoyEpic
Instagram: @fancyboyepic

Credits & Sources

Music: ASMR Sleep Rave by MVM Productions
Boy's Voice: Calvin James

This project uses daily updated stats from these sources:
Global Stats:
Global Stats:
United States:

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